We are a small team of dedicated engineers and web-enthusiasts

Development Team 

Sunny Side Up employs a seasoned team of developers.  

Shane has been working in web-development industry for more than eight years. Shane has a Degree in Music, a Graduate Diploma in E-commerce, a Master in Entrepreneurship, and a Graduate Diploma in Media Design.  Shane loves cooking and cricket. 

Natsuki is another full-stack developer on our team, with a Bachelor Science and Technology with Honours in Electronics and Instrumentation, a Master of Science in Electronics and Computer Systems, and a Master of Software Development. Natsuki speaks fluent Japanese and loves to play soccer. 

Michael has more than fifteen years of web-development up his sleeve, with an amazing array of coding skills.  He has been doing Silverstripe for over 11 years, but he also knows a range of other platforms and technologies, ranging from Shopify, to Wix, to React and GraphQL and all that is in between. In his spare time he plays in a punk band and he surfs.  

Nicolaas is the founder of Sunny Side Up with more than eighteen years of experience in building websites. He has a double-degree in marketing / management and psychology and several post-graduate papers in psychology. Nicolaas has visited over 70 countries, loves windsurfing, tramping, and other outdoor pursuits. He speaks five languages and with his "funny" accent, no one would guess that he was born in Tāmaki-makau-rau. 


Sunny Side Up is governed by its founder and one independent director, Martijn Verhoeven. Martijn has been at the forefront of digital technology for over 25 years. 

Our development team is supported by Esmeralda, finance manager extraordinaire; and Angelica, our in-house tester, and time manager.


Here are some of the designers we work with: schickeda.nz, guts.co.nz, poladesign.co.nz, and saltedherring.design.

As and when required, our core development team is supported by a small group of top-class Silverstripe CMS specialists. 



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