What we need

In case you have a problem with your website, it is important that you send us all of the information required to fix it. This allows us to fix your problem rather than trying to work out what needs fixing.

Most of the time, we require the following information:

1. The URL / LINK to the page

e.g. the URL for this page is: sunnysideup.co.nz/contact-us/report-a-bug

2. A screenshot

Google 'how to make screenshot' to find out how to do this on your computer. You do not need to annotate the screenshot, but it can be helpful. 

3. What you expect to happen

e.g. I expect the page to be in English.

4. What happens instead

e.g. The page is in Italian.

If you provide these four pieces of information then we can spend our time fixing the problem rather than looking for it.