cost and capacity

Capacity and Cost

At our current workload levels we can offer the following service capacity and rates. The rates below are based on work that requires a web-developer with intermediate skills:

Ad hoc request

We can offer up to 15 hours in any week for urgent jobs. Most of the time we can turn around small jobs within 48 hours.

Ad hoc requests are charged @ NZD130 per hour.

Medium-sized projects

We can offer up to 50 hours per week, if scheduled more than three weeks in advance.

Projects over 50 hours are charged @ NZD100 per hour.

Large projects

For work scheduled more than six weeks in advance, we can offer up to 90 hours per week.

Projects with more than 100 hours are charged @ NZD90 per hour.


We are very happy to provide quotes for clearly defined jobs and projects.

Open Source Development

If you would like us to work on any of the Sunny Side Up Open Source Modules then we can offer you a rate of NZD75 per hour.

Social Enterprises and NGOs

Reduced rates are available for NGOs and social enterprises.

hosting costs

We provide hosting through one of New Zealand's leading hosting companies: Sitehost. Hosting costs are tailored to your project.

To get an idea of cost, use the following calculation to get ballpark figure: take the number of unique visitors per day (use google analytics) and divide it by four to work out the monthly hosting fee. For example, if your site has 200 unique visitors per day then the indicative monthly hosting fee is $50+gst (200 / 4).

We use a New Zealand host because the electricity used is greener than most other countries and because it delivers super speedy access to kiwis (for example note the speed of this website).