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This page provides all the information relevant to digital agencies looking at hiring Sunny Side up as a Silverstripe contractor.

Who is Sunny Side Up?

Sunny Side Up was founded in 2003 by Nicolaas Thiemen. Since May 2007, we have specialised in the Silverstripe CMS. Sunny Side Up has delivered a wide variety of web projects. From small brochure sites through to large corporate sites and web applications.

Company Culture

We pride ourselves on:

  • understanding client requirements
  • honest and direct communication
  • team approach
  • interest in best practice and doing things properly
  • simplicity

Office Location

We work out of the old Meteorological Service building, 32 Salamanca Road, Wellington, New Zealand.

Our experience with the Silverstripe CMS

Sunny Side Up was one of the first companies to adopt the Silverstripe CMS outside Silverstripe Ltd itself. We have not looked back since. We have published more than 180 Silverstripe Modules over the years. While many of them are no longer relevant, we are adding new ones regularly and many of them are actively maintained.

Sunny Side Up has also been active in the Silverstripe Community. Writing blog posts, presenting recent work, helping out on discussion fora, and so on. 

Areas of Expertise

Here are a few areas that we have concentrated on over the last few years:

  • E-commerce
  • Questionnaires
  • Google Maps
  • Business Listings
  • Image optimisation
  • Search


We are happy to integrate with your preferred project management, communication and bug track tools (we have used several of them). We are generally available during NZST business hours, but we can set up contact times outside New Zealand business hours where necessary and practicable.

cost and capacity

Please see our cost and capacity page for more information.

Sample Code

You can find more than 180 Silverstripe Modules available on our github account. Keep in mind that many of them are legacy modules now. For others, we are working hard to keep them up-to-date. Here are a few modules that give you some idea of our coding style:

Makes it easier to add share this links to pages and data objects.

Micro Module: E-Mail Field

Adds an Email field to the database field options.

Medium-size Module: Meta Tags

One-stop-shop for adding all the usual metatags to a site.

Medium-size Module: Share This Module

Makes it easy for developers to add share this links on pages and data objects.

Medium-size Module: Webpack Engine

Provides a webpack engine for one or more themes within one site. It uses the latest version of webpack and it is super simple to use.

Large module: E-commerce

The was originally the Silverstripe Ltd. e-commerce module that has seen many iterations ever since we took it on. While it has a lot of legacy code and outdated documentation, it works well in practice. Over the years, we have created around 70 sub-modules for it (tax, shipping, payment gateways, etc.). 

In most cases, we follow the recommended Silverstripe standards. For example, all our PHP will be formatted to PSR-2 standards. We can write tests as you see fit and we can implement a test driven approach where practicable. We tend to use webpack for our front-end development but we are happy to work with your preferred tools and styles, including plain css.

Sites we have worked on