Silverstripe development

Our pricing makes us an attractive service provider for small and large projects.  

Custom Projects - $120 / hr

From concept and design through to delivery, we will help you create a perfect web solution. 

Small and Urgent Requests - $160 / hr

Anything that needs attention within two weeks. 

Web Consultancy and Project Management - $160 / hr

We have over 15 years experience in the web industry.  We can help you find the best solutions, warn you for the pitfalls, and deliver your projects on time and to budget.

Web Design - $160 / hr

We can provide you with beautiful, on brand, thoughtful designs for your next project. 

Service Agreements - $100 / hr 

Please visit our service agreement page for more details.  

Open Source Development - $100 / hr

We are passionate about open source. If you like us to develop a specific open source module, under our name, but with a list of requirements provided by you then we provide a subsidised rate. 

Website 360 Review - $850

This provides a 360 review of your current website's strengths and weaknesses. We gather a large amount of data and then analyse it to find the most cost effective ways to increase your website success.

Please visit our Silverstripe website review page for more details.

Security Patch - $100+

We will update all third-party packages (modules); where available.  See our security update page for more details.  To keep costs low for security patches, testing is not included so it is up to you to ensure your site is still functioning as expected.  We can, of course, test your site for your at our usual hourly rate.

Large sites and sites that have not been regularly patched will be harder to patch and so the price may be more than quoted here. We will advise you in advance if your site falls into this category.   

Digital Editing - $80 / hr

This work may include uploading images, entering content, creating a Facebook profile, improving your Instagram account, and so on. 


Of course, we are also very happy to provide quotes for clearly defined jobs and projects. For quoted work with an agreed delivery day and an agreed set of outcomes, we charge $160 per hour. 

Agency rates

We provide very competitive rates for agencies, where we can provide a no-frills, top-coding service. Please get in touch for more information. 

Social enterprises and NGOs

Reduced rates are available for NGOs and social enterprises. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Fine Print 

All rates are in New Zealand dollars and exclude GST. 

We can provide invoices in all major currencies. Invoices are due as marked on our invoices, but our standard due date is three weeks from the date of invoice.

We charge for all time spent, including project management time, in fifteen minute increments. 

Unless we provide you with a quote and we agree to go ahead, all our work is carried out on a basis of times and materials without any specific promises other than us doing our best to help you. 

Please visit our terms and conditions for more information.



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