Your customers expect a secure experience

What is a security patch?

Security should be a top priority for all websites. As more and more business move online, and users get more sophisticated, the expectations around security grow. To help you stay provide a secure experience for your users, we provide a simple service to apply security patches to your site.  

The idea of a security update (a patch) is that we apply known security fixes for all  packages / modules used as part of your website.  

We can provide this service for Silverstripe, but also for WordPress, Craft, and other CMSes. 


Please visit our rates page for pricing. 

Fine Print

The security patches are only applied as available, for known issues. Applying regular security patches does not mean your site safe from all attacks as there are many ways for your site to get hacked - and you can get hacked even if all security patches have been applied. However, without security patches your website is an obvious target.  

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