We love doing Silverstripe upgrades because an upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Silverstripe allows continuous improvements using the best tools available.  It means your site is as secure as it can be, that there are no unnecessary bugs in your CMS, and so on. 

We have a ton of experience doing this work and during this work we developed several tools to automate a large chunk of the work involved. You can benefit from this know-how. 

How it works

Basically, we take a Silverstripe 3 site and convert it into a Silverstripe 4 website. Where practicable, as part of this work, we incorporate code clean-ups (e.g. apply PSR-2 rules) and standards (e.g. apply PSR-4), in accordance with Silverstripe best practice guidelines.

The deliverable is a like for like, comparable website.  The CMS will be improved, the underlying code is completely revamped, but the front-end (customer facing) of the website is exactly the same. 

Costs involved

Please contact us today for an obligation-free quote. 

How long does it take?

We can usually complete an upgrade for a smaller site in less than three weeks. 

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