The most cost effective way to improve your current website is to review what you have already and improve broken/under-performing bits. Doing so can:

The power of such a review comes from taking a holistic review of your website, seeing how your site performs its overall purpose.

What is a review?

We provide bespoke Silverstripe website reviews. We do that by reviewing your domain name, hosting, and website itself. A review provides you with information on how you can improve your site in terms of:

There are a few small steps to get the review set up:

  1. Install a small piece of software that provides the information to our analysis tool. 
  2. Review what you would like to send to the analysis tool. 
  3. Send the data to our analysis tool.

After that:

  1. We run an automated analysis tool based on the data you provide.
  2. We review this data and give it context resulting in a report with recommendations.

Based on the recommendations we can then provide a quote for a work-plan to fix the issues that offer the biggest bang for the buck. 

What is included?

We look at the following aspects of your website:


See our rates for more information.

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