The position

We are looking for an interesting person who is keen to get into web-development or has an interest in online media in some other way.  The position is casual, as and when required. We expect there to be, on average, 2-6 hours of work a week. Work includes:

  • testing
  • simple coding
  • spreadsheets
  • non-coding tech stuff - e.g. Google API settings
  • writing emails to clients
  • vacuuming, ordering lunch, doing whatever needs doing.

Ideally, you would come in around once or twice, as we both see fit. 

Skills required

  • precise
  • reliable
  • good communicator
  • excellence in writing
  • supportive
  • self-starting
  • If you are able to code in PHP, JavaScript, Silverstripe CMS, etc.. then this is a big plus!

Ideal candidate

Someone who is doing a university degree with B+ marks or higher only (or someone who can, in some other way, prove that they can learn and work quickly and efficiently).

If you are keen on sustainability or, in some other way care for the planet, that is a big plus. 

We would love you to stick around for at least a few years, so please do not apply if you are about to move to AKL. 

Things we like

We are keen to make our team as diverse as possible.  This applies in the normal meaning of diversity, but also simply in terms of your interests  - e.g. if you study music or art history then we are definitely keen to hear from you. 


An above average hourly rate.  

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