The position

We are looking for a can-do person who is keen to get into web-development and/or loves to do some varied and challenging work in a leading industry. The position is casual, as and when required. We expect there to be 10 - 15 hours of work a week on average. Work includes:

  • testing
  • simple coding
  • spreadsheets
  • non-coding tech stuff e.g. Google API settings
  • writing emails and communicating to clients
  • preparing and sending out invoices in Xero
  • project budget tracking
  • drafting payroll timesheets for the team
  • cleaning the office, ordering lunch, setting up a desk, and doing whatever else needs to be done to keep the office in good working order.

Ideally, you would work a few times a week, as we both see fit. Working from home is an option, but it would be good to be in the office at least a couple times a week.

Skills required

  • precision
  • reliability
  • excellent verbal and written communication with a passion for plain language
  • supporting and collaborating
  • self-starting
  • if you can code (a little) in PHP, JavaScript, SilverStripe CMS, etc… then this is a big plus!

The ideal candidate

Someone who is doing a university degree with B+ marks or higher (or the ability to prove they can learn and work quickly and efficiently).

If you are keen on sustainability and care for our planet in some way, that is a big plus. 

We would love you to stick around for at least a few years, so please do not apply if you are about to move to Tāmaki Makaurau.


An above average hourly rate.


To find out how to apply and what it is like to work at Sunny Side Up, please visit: working at Sunny Side Up.

Also See

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