If you have recently completed a degree or a course in web-development, but you lack working experience then Sunny Side Up can offer volunteer positions.  

Why volunteer?

Without work-experience it is hard to find good work and without good work it is hard to get experience. This is a conundrum for many graduates. Doing a volunteer stint at Sunny Side Up can help you overcome this challenge.

Also, as a volunteer, you avoid some of the pitfalls of commercial pressures, allowing you to develop your skills at your own pace and doing things properly without client interference.

Thirdly, as a volunteer you have a chance to build a public profile in the industry in a very short space of time. 

What will you learn?

You will develop some awesome skills in the area of:

  • javascript / PHP coding / webdesign / UX  
  • the Silverstripe CMS 
  • working as part of a small team 
  • the ins and outs of commercial web-development
  • project management and self-direction
  • big data
  • marketing / seo
  • server management
  • github, composer, linux, apache, mysql, and related technologies

How does it work?

You apply for one of our projects. If successful, we will agree on a road map for project completion, a start date, and hours of work. 

You can work from our office or you can work from home. As required and practicable, you will have access to our experienced developers to help you accomplish your project. 

You can choose from a range of projects (listed below). Sunny Side Up will be your client and we will provide you with a brief of our expectations. 

What can you expect? 

We will provide you with an overall plan, a daily work plan, feedback on your work, and a positive learning environment. As we go, we may adjust the overall goals set out from the start, to adjust for your skills, interests and progress; however, we will aim to complete a specific project so that you have something concrete to show for your investment. 

What is your commitment?

Once we agree on your project we would expect you put in the agreed hours. The commitment you make towards your career as a web-developer will impress future employers. Be sure, if you get offered a job or for any other good reason, of course, it is mission accomplished. 

Who owns your work?

All your work will be published open source under your own name. This means that any code you write will be publicly available on github, under your name, with an accompanying license. This will allow Sunny Side Up, and anyone else, use the code in perpetuity. 

What will you have to show for your investment?

Once you complete your volunteer internship you will have another awesome entry on your CV that will show prospective employers two important things:

  1. you have made a significant investment in providing awesome skills; and
  2. you have published (publicly available) code to show for it.

If you finish your work-experience internship then, of course, we can also provide a professional reference that will add strength to any future job applications you will make. 

No employment contract

You will not be offered an employment contract and you will not get paid for your internship. It is also unlikely that we will be able to hire you at the completion of your work-experience, but overall, we believe you will increase your chances in getting a better job in the future. 

For more information about being a volunteer, please read the government information about this. 

Our projects

Here are the projects that are currently available. If you are looking for a shorter commitment or you are interested in anything else then you are very welcome to make an alternative suggestion for a project:

  • improve topics.ssmods.com -  in 200 hours you will get a super overview of the most common, latest, and greatest web-development techniques and tools, as well as the management of large data-sets, challenges around the UX for data-entry, and data presentation. 
  • improve our table-filter-sort module - in 240 hours you will get a crash course in advanced JS coding, npm, and open source development. This javascript code is used on ssmods.com and several other commercial projects. 
  • build an automated php linter - in 280 hours, you will learn about advanced PHP programming and best practices, as well as open source development. Your automated linter will be used to enhance all  3000+ Silverstripe modules so you will build a strong profile in the Silverstripe community. 
  • upgrade Silverstripe modules stuck at at version 3 - in 120 hours you will build an automation tool that upgrades all Silverstripe modules stuck at Silverstripe 3.  A lot of the groundwork has been laid for this and it will be an amazing project to complete. 
  • improve silverstripe-ecommerce.com - in 160 hours you will make a significant improvement to our Silvertripe e-commerce demo. 
  • create demo site for all silverstripe modules - in 320 hours will set up a demo site for almost every Silverstripe module ever made. 

All of these projects are aimed at improving the position of Sunny Side Up within the Silverstripe community, but they will also get your name out there among some of New Zealand's most talented developers. 

How to apply?

Please email jobs@sunnysideup.co.nz with:

  1. your CV
  2. a cover letter
  3. a possible starting date and your availability after that (i.e. how many hours a week you would like to work, etc...)
  4. the project of interest. 

 If you are not sure on how to proceed then please contact us for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work part-time? Yes, of course.  You can set your hours per week at anytime between 5 and 50.

I like the idea of working on these projects, but I have plenty of experience and I would like to get paid; is this possible? Of course you can make a fixed price offer to complete any of these projects if you feel you are able to complete them without any training or mentoring as we would dearly see these projects completed.

Can I start anytime? Yes, there is no specific start-time for any of these projects.

Will you accept all applications? No, we will not accept all applications for these positions. We will be very careful only to accept applications that provide us with confidence that we will both get enough out of your work-experience. 

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