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In a nutshell

Sunny Side Up is a Wellington-based web design and development company. Our aim is to create beautiful, effective web solutions. We can help you with:

We are a people-focused company and like to keep things 'Sunny Side Up'.   Please learn more about Sunny Side Up, about our work, and our services


Our clients

We have a wide range of clients. These range from small businesses and startups, larger companies, through to government agencies and NGOs.  Most of our clients are in New Zealand, but we also have clients in Australia and as far as Bonaire. What they have in common is that they have a unique online presence that they are improving all the time. 

Our tools

In terms of our development work, our tool of choice is the Silverstripe Content Management System (CMS)

Other technologies we like to use include the Craft CMS, WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, WebFlow, Nation Builder, Svelte, NextJS, VueJS, ReactJS, among web technologies.

Recent Work Example

Below is an example of a recent project delivered by Sunny Side Up. For more examples, please visit our work page

Don't pull the plug


Oct 2023


Better NZ Trust / Supergood

Designed by


Our responsibility

In limited time, put together a site that provides information and asks for donations from the EV community.

Outcome delivered

A clean and fresh site that loads fast. The content editors can update all the content and put together pages as required.

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