SLA is short for piece of mind, quality service, and staying on top of things.

What is an SLA?

Setting up a Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures your site stays in good shape. We have made our SLA flexible so that both small and large businesses can benefit. 

Proactive maintenance

Here are some work we do as part of our SLAs:

  • Security upgrades
  • Bugs, errors, broken features
  • Hard-coded content swaps
  • Content loading
  • Small features
  • CMS Enhancements
  • Maintenance and code care
  • etc.


Having an SLA with us ensures:

  • Your site is less prone to hacks through proactive maintenance and security updates.
  • Errors are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Small enhancements are processed quickly.

In a landscape where technology is ever-evolving standing still is moving backwards (people call that the accumulation of technical debt).  We excel at guiding our clients through smooth upgrade and maintenance plans.

With an SLA, we can also keep you informed about the latest best practices in security. By staying one step ahead, we ensure that monitoring systems are up to date, preventing any loss of data during these technological transformations.

How it works

  • You choose the number of hours per month (there is a minimum of two hours per month).
  • The number of hours you select should be in line with the size of your website (e.g. for a large e-commerce websites, you will need a larger number of hours than for a small brochure site). We can help you decide on an appropriate number of hours. 
  • Payment is made at the start of each month. 
  • Hours roll over to the next month. But, if possible, we aim to use any surplus hours for general maintenance in the month following the overage.
  • Together with you, we maintain a to-do list and anything that can not be done in a specific month can be addressed in the next month(s).
  • Together, we decide on the priority of the items in the to-do list.
  • SLAs are ongoing and there is a cancellation period of three months.


All requests can be emailed to us. If required, to provide more clarity, we will also provide you with access to our project management software, and a to-do list in the form of a kanban (Trello) board. Kanban boards are easy to use and make managing complex projects less of a chore. 

Fine Print

These maintenance agreements can not be used for urgent / large / complex development work.  It is primarily aimed at keeping your site in a good working order, not to develop any significant new functionality.  The time used to manage the service agreement will be marked against the hours allocated. 

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