We like difficult questions

Can you stick to a budget?

Yes we can. We can give you a clear estimate if you have a specific job you would like us to complete.

Over the last twenty years, we can count on one hand the times where we had to get back to a client to ask for more budget to deliver on a project with an agreed cost. 

Can you deliver on time?

Sunny Side Up has developed a robust approach to making sure we have the right amount of people available to do the heavy lifting. Through this method we can consistently meet client requests in a timely manner. 

We are well-equipped to handle multiple projects simultaneously, typically managing up to 10 projects at any one time. 

To achieve this we have a dedicated member of the team focussed on the Project Management of any specific project. Of course we also employ world-class project management software (Teamwork), and we have developed our own in-house knowledge management system.

To enhance our capacity, we maintain a network of trusted, senior contractors who can be readily engaged when we need to scale up.

Our track record shows our ability to meet deadlines and adapt to evolving client requirements. We maintain strong client relationships, enabling us to understand their needs and respond to changes in project priorities.

Over time, we have successfully executed projects with varying timelines, ranging from rapid turnarounds, completed within 1-2 days, to more extensive projects spanning several months. This adaptability is a testament to our resource management strategy and our commitment to meeting requests effectively and efficiently.

All our employees work part-time, allowing plenty of “room” if there were to be a pinch on a deadline. 

How do you keep up-to-date?

There are a number of ways in which we learn and grow as an organisation. It is important to us, as technology is changing all the time, of course, and standing still is going backwards.  Here is what we do to stay current: 

  • We regularly challenge our own approach and look for new and better ways to do things.
  • We have a non-hierarchical culture, where digital natives and people who grew up with a Commodore 64 share their views, approaches and knowledge to get the best of both worlds.
  • We have published over 500 open source modules and engage with the developer community everyday to share our knowledge and to learn from our community. We are big on collaboration and knowledge sharing within the industry. This involvement not only grows our expertise but also enriches the broader skill set within our field.
  • All of our team members work part-time, allowing them plenty of time to develop as human beings in many ways more than what our specific work offers. This setup enables individuals to explore diverse interests and grow as multifaceted individuals, enriching their perspectives beyond the confines of their professional roles.

How do you manage information?

These days, Sunny Side Up has its own unique knowledge management system. This system is instrumental in facilitating the retention and transfer of knowledge within our organisation and any project stakeholders, ensuring efficient access and use of critical information. One of the objectives of this system is to reduce hand-over time. 

This knowledge management system serves as a centralised repository, providing a comprehensive overview of our websites and any projects relating to it. It also includes all relevant details in relation to hosting and tools used on the website (error monitoring, fonts, project management links, etc. etc.). It allows for the creation of user-type-specific views, enabling clients to log in and access tailored information, such as the last site update, ongoing projects, daily error reports, Google Analytics data, and other relevant details.

We have made this tool available for others: https://www.found-it-already.com/. Enhancements will be ongoing (it is early days!).  

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