Keeping it Sunny Side Up is finding simplicity in everything we do

Our purpose

We give technology a human face. We are a people-focused company and like to keep things 'Sunny Side Up'. Our purpose is to help you shine online by helping you build meaningful online information provisions and services. 

Our work ranges from small brochure sites through to large corporate sites and web applications. We also offer hosting and maintenance services.

Our Team

Our team consists of Grace, Joel, Siôn, Esmeralda, and Nicolaas. For larger projects, we work with a small group of trusted senior contractors.  

Our office is nestled within the greenery of the botanical gardens.

Our community

Sunny Side Up is proud to be an active participant in the Open Source Software community. We draw on open source material to build our sites and, in turn, we actively participate in sharing our know-how with others. 

We embrace open source software because open source software fosters innovation and collaboration, allowing a diverse community of developers to contribute and improve the code, leading to more robust, secure, and adaptable solutions. It also ensures greater transparency and control for users, enhancing trust and flexibility in how the software is used and developed.

For our open source community, we have built a tool for finding silverstripe modules: ssmods.com


Sunny Side Up was founded in 2003 by Nicolaas Thiemen Francken.

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