Website audits always reveal one or more easy improvement points

Our website health check

We have developed a unique website audit, or health check. The equivalent of a warrant of fitness for cars, or a builders report for houses.

We found that most of us (we definitely do!) have blind-spots when it comes to our own websites.  Things we have overlooked that, if fixed / improved, make a big difference. 

We have developed a 75+ list of questions that, together, make up a comprehensive website audit. It takes a 360 view of your site and looks at anything ranging from domain name selection through to colour choice, social media interaction, analytics, and marketing.  It can be the first step in putting together a maintenance plan. For more information, please contact us. 

Why do it? 

A health report will identify any “blind spots” in your website setup.  Because we take a 360 view of your site, we will point out any areas that may have not been looked at much, perhaps the weakest link in your online presence. 

How much effort is it?

We can provide you with an automated report free of charge. A more detailed, manually edited report will take between four and twelve hours, depending on the size of your site.  

How often should I do this?

Every two years or so.

Get a report today

Please request your website audit report today. 

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