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Current Vacancies

Right now, we are looking for an Office Manager with extra skills in tow.  

Work with purpose

Below is some general information about these vacancies and working at Sunny Side Up, what sort of people we are looking for, and other important information you need to know. 

About Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up, founded in 2003, has delivered close to 200 digital projects.

We work as a high-trust team, internally as well as with our clients. This enables us to be honest with each other, with a focus on getting things done. 

We love technology, but we also love simplicity and being offline. Our goal is to make the world a little better with technology, not to make our lives more technical. 

We are big fans of open source, and we are keen on sustainability.

Our customers range from iconic Aotearoa New Zealand brands, via several government agencies, medium-sized businesses, through to startups and small NGOs.  

Working environment

Being a small team, you will work directly with all stakeholders to make decisions and deliver results. In other words: the work is super varied and challenging. You will be a pivotal player in our projects; with the ability to create your own areas of interest and expertise, delivering best practice as you see fit. You definitely need to be flexible and to be able to think outside the box, make decisions with confidence and to be able to argue your case if so required. 

We like making consensus decisions, with the benefits of quality discussion and team collaboration, to come up with elegant and innovative solutions to solve some pretty big challenges. 

We are great at staying focused on our clients’ needs, delivering tailor-made solutions with a significant consultancy aspect to our work. 

Our tools

On the back-end, we mainly use SilverStripe but we also work with the Craft CMS, WordPress, Shopify, and SquareSpace. 

On the front-end, we use Webpack, React, Vue, and Next.js.

We use Teamwork and Google Tools to manage our projects.

Our designs are in Figma. 

Why work at Sunny Side Up

Here are a few things we can offer you:

  • high-trust environment and we don’t micromanage
  • flexibility in working hours / days / leave
  • a wide range of experience
  • a focus on doing things properly and enthusiasm for open source
  • plenty of room to grow and to develop your skills
  • loads of ownership and responsibility
  • company goals that are more than just profit
  • a competitive salary 

A good fit

Working at Sunny Side Up is about a lot more than being good at what you do technically. Here are some other key skills that we are looking for:

  • ability to lead and peer review
  • creative and innovative approach to solving problems
  • strong written and verbal communication skills
  • ‘I’ve got this’ attitude
  • relentless focus on results
  • ability to laugh, uncontrollably, when appropriate ;-)


We are keen to make our team as diverse as possible. This applies to the usual meaning of diversity, but also simply in terms of your interests e.g. if you study music or art history then we are definitely keen to hear from you.  We all work with technology, but we make sure that our interests are diverse - we care about culture, humanity, science, politics, sports, and more (we are Wellingtonians after all). 

Working location

Our office is located in the vibrant Botanical Gardens, near the top of the cable car. We like working from the office as we enjoy spending time with our colleagues and working together.  

We may be able to offer onsite parking for around NZD200 a month. However, we prefer you to come to the office on foot, by bike or by using public transport (including the cable car).

How to apply

To apply, please send your curriculum vitae with a cover letter showcasing some of your recent work to We aim to hire someone ASAP so get in touch today. 

Delve Deeper

Please also visit our Office Manager + page.

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