Building a successful website requires a diverse set of skills

Content Development

We can provide copywriter services and other content development services, such as video and photography, through our network of vetted contractors. 

User insights

We place a strong emphasis on knowing your audience, and interacting with them as much as you can. How else can you communicate effectively? 

We can offer this service using a range of digital tools such as google analytics and hotjar (recording how users engage with any page), but the golden standard, we feel, is seeing real users interacting with your website. 

Search Engine Optimisation

At Sunny Side Up, we always consider search engines in everything we do. We do this in several ways:

  • We ensure your website is fast.
  • We write semantically sensible html, including meta tags and alt tags, that search engines can understand, we add a google site map, and we ensure a proper robots.txt file. 
  • We can help you write for SEO.
  • We will encourage you (and can help you) create as many links to your website from other (authoritative) sites as possible. 
  • We provide accessibility to analytics through tools like Google Analytics or Matomo.
  • We ensure you are signed up with Google Search Console.

Application Testing

We have a lot of experience in application testing.  We place a strong emphasis on real user testing as this captures the overall experience and ensures it is fit for purpose. 

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