We can help you develop any type of web-related project

Web development

Sunny Side Up provides web-development using the Silverstripe Content Management System (CMS).

Our areas of expertise include:

  • E-commerce
  • High-traffic optimisation
  • Mobile First
  • Complex forms, data collection, and "big data" management
  • Internationalisation and localisation
  • Search engine optimisation and understanding your visitors

Other expertise

While Silverstripe is our CMS of choice, we can also provide plenty of expertise in many other technologies. Here are a few technologies we have worked with: 

  • CMS Solutions: mainly Wordpress, but we also have an interest in Laravel and the Craft CMS;
  • Front-end Frameworks: jQuery, VueJs, React and Angular;
  • Newsletter Applications: Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp;
  • Survey tools: Survey Monkey, TypeForm and Google Forms;
  • Google tools: Google Maps and Google Drive integration;
  • Video Platforms: YouTube and Vimeo
  • Social Media Integrations and Logins: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter;
  • Payment Gateways: Stripe, Paypal, Windcave (formerly DPS), AfterPay, and many others;
  • Marketing platforms: SalesForce;
  • E-commerce platforms: Shopify;
  • Search Engines: Solr, SwifType, Elastica;

The way we work

How we work is as important to us as what we produce.

We love actively collaborating with our clients to create unique, bold, custom web solutions to their business needs using our common sense or eclectic approach: basically, depending on the task at hand, we take the best of:

  • Waterfall (meticulous planning), 
  • Big Bang (just go for it), and
  • Agile (keep it simple, do what you can)

often in that order, to combine it into something that works for you. 

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