SLA is short for piece of mind, quick service, and staying on top of things.

Setting up a Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures your site stays in good shape. We have made our SLA flexible so that both small and large businesses can benefit. 


Having an SLA with us ensures:

  • Your site is less prone to hacks through proactive maintenance.
  • Errors are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Small enhancements are processed quickly.
  • Your site remains future proof.

How it works

  • You choose how many hours we reserve to deliver the relevant services (as listed below). 
  • We have a minimum of two hours per month.
  • The number of hours you select should be in line with the size of your website (e..g for a large e-commerce website, you will need a larger number of hours than for a small brochure site). We can help you decide on an appropriate number of hours. 
  • Payment is made at the start of each month. 
  • Hours do not roll over to the next month. However, any hours not used for a given month, will be used for general maintenance by our team in the month following the overage at our discretion (e.g. upgrade infrastructure, improve commenting, small bugs). 
  • Together, we maintain a to-do list and anything that can not be done in a specific month can be addressed in the next month(s).  You decide on the priority of the items in the to-do list.
  • SLAs are ongoing and there is a cancellation period of three months. 

Priorities and response times

Below is a list of tasks that may be included, depending on the time available. They are in order of priority and we have listed the usual time it will take to get back to you about an issue:

  1. Site is unusable - e.g. site is hacked, the server is down, your database is corrupted
    < 48 hours - most of the time, during business hours, this can be resolved in less than one hour
  2. CMS questions
    < 5 days - we can often help you in a few hours
  3. Errors - as reported by you
    < 5 working days - errors with a significant impact are usually fixed in less than a few hours
  4. Applying critical security patches - we will keep an eye out for any critical security patches (i.e. reported in the national news) that may be required on your site
    < 5 working days 
  5. Adding minor enhancements - any small enhancements you may request
    < 21 days

Under / Over Time

If there is time left at the end of the month then we will use this time to improve your site. We will consider things like:

  1. Running a health check on your site to identify priorities for the next maintenance period.
  2. Applying non-critical upgrades to the Silverstripe framework and the Silverstripe modules used on the site.
  3. Applying infrastructure upgrades, as required.
  4. Cleaning up your code.

If it is necessary to get more work done during any given month period then our normal rate is applied to any surplus work. 

If we end up doing more time than agreed, for example, a task took a bit more time than expected and we end up doing 3 hours over the SLA time available, then we will let you know and reduce the hours for the next month. Basically we did some of the work in advance.  


All requests can be emailed to us and we will also provide you with access to our project management software, and a to-do list in the form of a kanban (Trello) board - as required. These are easy to use and make managing complex projects less of a chore. 

Fine Print

These maintenance agreements can not be used for urgent / large / complex development work.  It is primarily aimed at keeping your site in a good working order, not to develop any significant new functionality. 

The time used to manage the service agreement will be marked against the hours allocated. 

We will ask you to sign a Master Service agreement before we start.

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