Our pricing is fair and transparent

Types of pricing offered

We provide a range of price options to cater for specific customer needs. As a quick summary, we split work into:


For larger jobs that require well-defined planning, estimates and timelines, we recommend either:

Estimates - we take on responsibility for budget and deadlines.

Hourly - this provides you with more flexibility to change course during a project. 

Service Agreement

For smaller, simpler jobs that keep a site running smoothly, we recommend our service level agreement (SLA). You see work done quickly, with minimal overheads. 


Service Agreement (SLA)

A SLA is a great way to quickly make small and effective improvements to your website. You will be in your own pipeline, so large projects won't get in the way. You'll be working directly with our experienced developers to cut down on overheads.  Please see our SLA page for more details.  


We break this up into three tiers:

  • Small > 2 hrs a month - $130NZD+GST per hour
  • Medium > 8 hrs a month - $120NZD+GST per hour
  • Large > 24 hrs a month - $110NZD+GST per hour

Please find out more details on our SLA page.



Estimates are the best way to tackle larger projects that have clear requirements and require a fixed budget and delivery date. 

An estimate is right for cases such as...

  • Building a website from scratch
  • Creating new blocks/sections for an existing website
  • Upgrading your Silverstripe website to the latest version, in case it is many versions behind. 
  • Larger projects, too big for an SLA (see above)

How it works

  • You provide us with a detailed request.
  • We work with you to clarify all the necessary requirements.
  • We provide an estimate (we may charge for this work, but we will let you know in advance if this is the case).
  • We provide a delivery date upon approval.


We will give you an estimated price for each individual piece of work.



Working on an hourly basis (time and materials) can be very cost effective if you are not 100% sure what you would like to do. Sometimes giving an estimate for a job with uncertain requirements is difficult. Working this way gives you the flexibility to modify requirements, based on:

  • Changes and feedback from the client (where applicable)
  • Discoveries made during the work
  • Insights gathered from user testing

Hourly is right in cases such as...

  • Projects with uncertain requirements
  • Projects too large for an SLA (see above)

How it works

  • We will work on your project as time allows
  • We will give you an indication of delivery date
  • There is a minimum of four hours


  • Regular (booked in) - $140NZD+GST
  • Urgent (within 48hrs) - $180NZD+GST


Agency Pricing

We provide competitive rates for agencies.  Please contact us for more information. 

NGO Pricing

If you are an NGO, charity or similar, then we may be able to support you through subsidised rates. Please let us know if you feel you belong in this NGO category, and we will see what we can do.

Other currencies

We can invoice in all major currencies. Our NZD and AUD pricing is the same. For USD and EUR we can provide pricing on request. 

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